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The Lida's..Anyone know about aeration?


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Last weekend as I was looking at access spots on the west shore of North Lida when I noticed the signs "This lake is aerated...beware!"

I haven't spoke with anyone yet or even looked for houses. Does anyone here know about this?

Are these areas marked?

Basically...is it safe?


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Aeration may be used to prevent winter kill. I bet it creates a lot of water movement underneath the ice which would erode the ice from underneath and make it unpredictable and treacherous. I looked in my bait cooler, turned on the aerator, and thought would happen if it were a whole lake.

I would find out where the aerators were and fish as close as I could, but I'd walk, wear a life jacket, and carry spikes for sure.


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Scott, two of the lakes near my house have aerators. One is marked; one is not.

From you handle you may be out of state, but in MN I e-mail the DNR if I'm going out to a new lake & ask them where the aerator is located (just did this a few weeks ago). They'll either know or, sometimes, send me to the city/county the lake is located in for more specific info.

And I'd agree, be careful. I was out last weekend & some moron decided to take a stroll across the lake...past the multiple thin ice signs on shore, the thin ice signs driven into the ice, & right towards the open water. Had to yell at him to make him change course. I hope he's not breeding.

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