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ELK calling and experiences


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I will be hitting CO this fall for ELK (YEEEEHAAAAAAA!). I am researching elk hunting and elk calling. Tell me some stories of your elk hunting adventures and elk calling experiences, including which calls you used. I have been researching elk and elk hunting for about 2 years, just looking for specific info on what has worked or not worked for you. Thanks.

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i'm assuming you're going out bow hunting?

i would suggest that you learn to use a mouth reed. keeps your hands free if need be. i've been around many elk, i have bugled them in and cow called them in. kind of depends how much hunting presure you'll be around. if you're going with a buddy try and tag team them. one guy call the other shoot, this seems to work best for me.

it's a heck of a rush when you here an elk bugle so be careful, you might get goose bumps... wink.gif

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Thanks youse guys.

I've got the Hoochie Mama and Primo's Elk calling Kit which came with a short bugle call, an open single reed call and the lead cow and calf call. Apparently someone stole the mouth diaphragm out of the package at the store. I bought an elk diaphragm call set from Primos which has Palate-Plate calls (a little plate above the reed that helps position the call and eliminate the gag reflex) and a Primos "Learning elk calls" CD. I'm getting better everyday...and I only have 7 months or so to practice!

From what I've read, I'll stick primarily to cow calling.

don't know about the goose bumps, I just hope he's not bugling from 15 ft behind me and I end up needing "Oops, I crapped my pants" adult diapers!

Can't wait!

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