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Which one man is the best?


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A few questions, What will you be transporting it with? Will you be towing it on foot or behind a machine? Are you a big fan of lots of headroom?

I have an Eskimo Quickflip 11 that I use as a one man with lots of room. You can fish two reasonably if you want, and it can be towed my a man on foot. The sled isn't heavy-duty and could use some wear runners. So far, it's worked for me.

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If your pulling behind a sled or wheeler go with a Otter or Polar Sport because the tubs will last the longest. No matter what you buy get the Hyfax runners for it. If weight is a concern and your pulling by hand go with a Fishtrap. Its usually not the house but all the gear inside it that makes it hard to pull. Make sure whatever you buy has a sled with a good rounded edge not a squared off one. Those sleds are like plows. Also a 2 man is a roomy 1 man. The 1 man sleds are real tight. Im 6'6" and cant sit in a normal 1 man for long.

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Go with a two man,Which one is a personal thing that needs to fit your needs. better to have the room, then be cramped, may cost alittle more, but maybe someday you might want to take someone with you.The one man won't acomadate that. I don't have much problem loading my fully loaded Trap voyager by myself.

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I like the Frabill Solo for it's design. Lots of vertical fishing room up front where you need it. It allows you to jig effectively and set the hook without scraping the walls. The Zippered front door is a bonus feature allowing easy access with the cover down. Durable wide toothed zippers resist frosting and hold up to use in cold weather year after year.

Arctic Armor Covering is lightweight and durable and resists frosting. Reflectors stitched in on all sides and a handy license plate holder for your permit and ID. Wide draft flaps seal the elements out and can accommodate chain to be used as weight to seal them in strong winds.

Extra roomy interior with plenty of storage for gear. It has four windows so it offer a 360° view. Sled pulls well and features the MSS Seating system.


Sets up to: 96"L x 48"W x 67"H

Folds down: 48" L x 45"W x 28"H

Folded down with seat down: 48" L x 45"W x 18"H (Cover fits well and the whole rig fits under a pickup cover)

Weighs only 58 lbs.

In my view a great 1 man ice ranger package for the mobile modern ice hound.

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