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your ideas on an ideal kennel set up


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I'm looking for a project to do in the garage for the dogs. We have a heated garage and a 10' X 10' storage area I'm going to convert to a kennel with a dog door leading outside for the dogs so they can come and go. What would you guys put in there for the dogs. Any ideas on configuration/planning would be great. The area inside the garage has two small windows at the top of the ceiling for light. Outside we already have an Invisible Fence. The garage is insulated, has a water faucet and readily accessible electricity. As is, it's good but I'd like to know any ideas people have for my two aging dogs and for a new pup.

We have a lab and golden ret now and are planning a new pup this summer. The two dogs we have now are 9 and 7 years old and they sleep inside now. If you were a dog what would you want?

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Are you going to have all 3 dogs in the same space or will they be seperated? If I had a space like that I would probably put a 6x10 kennel inside the garage with a house inside that and then at least a 6x12 on a concrete slab on the outside of the garage. This way your dogs have room to move around outside and enough room to be inside during a storm. I wouldn't totally rely on the invisible fence becasue it offers no protection for your dogs from someone/something coming into your yard. Good luck with your project.

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