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Heading to Cabelas/digital camera info?


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My wife and I are heading to Cabelas in Owatonna this weekend, if I see a good deal on a digital trail camera I may have to splurge, been lusting after a trail camera for the last couple of years, been waiting for the prices on digitals to go down - I think its time.

Any advice on the digital camera features that I should look for? How important is more megapixels? How about getting the pictures off the camera, I'm thinking the ones with the removeable card that you take to your computer to download would be best, then I could have an extra card and then just leave the camera where it is. I also like the idea of a removable camera that you can use other places if you desire. I've heard good reports on the Leaf rivers and Cuddlebacks - your thoughts?

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I haven't had a chance to try the Cuddlebacks yet, but the only drawback I've heard is flash distance on those cameras. From everything I've heard though, they are good cameras.

I've been testing a Leaf River camera and have been pretty impressed. You can't take the camera out to use however. It does use the standard flash memory cards (I think this is pretty standard for all digitals).

I'm at over 1100 photos on the first set of batteries on the Leaf River. I can't imagine much better battery life on any camera - this is over 2 months of relatively cold weather... The LeafRiver is a great camera for the money.

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