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how long should i light up a jig?


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Shine it untill it glows. When it stops glowing, shine it again.

If you want it to glow brighter get a camera flash or use a flashlight, those LED things dont seem to light them up as much.

I'm guessing they last about 5-10 minutes or so.

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You'll find a lot of variables with glow jigs. Some contain more glow pigment than others and don't need to be charged quite as often. The age of the paint will be a factor....older jigs will not take a charge as easily nor do they hold it as long. Keeping your jigs "fresh" is important. And don't buy twenty of a favorite if it is two weeks before ice out.

How they are charged is another issue. Your light will do a satisfactory job for short term ignition, but for a stronger charge potential use a camera flash or one of the 8-led lights from JR's. I honestly think that JR'sdoes a better job in that you can place it on the jig for several minutes if you want to. And these lights are available by clicking on "our sponsors" or by going to JR's Tackle.com. And JR's has a full line of glow jig products along with several other sponsors to this site.

As mentioned, the blue lasts the longest but is definitely the faintest in it's glow properties. The red will look too hot to handle, but that will last only 4-8 minutes at a pop, regardless of who you buy you jigs from.

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