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Garmin 76s and Lakemaster

Dennis Steele


I am having a problem with exporting waypoints to my GPS and I am hoping someone can help.

I have my interface cable plugged into the computer and the GPS properly.

I have tried both COM Port 1 and Com Port 3 (only options I have available.

The GPS is set to a baud rate of 4800 suggested by my manual and computer.

I have tried several of the serial data formats.

I can not export or import any waypoints.

I also have a message in the status line on the GPS that says "Check Wiring"

And When I try to export or import I get a message from my computer that says "device not open"

When I have the GPS interface set to NMEA it makes my computer go haywire. The cursor jumps all over the screen, it highlights and un-highlights all kinds of stuff and moves stuff on my desktop!

Anyone have any ideas what I should try next?

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I would see if you have the same problems with other GPS software. The best way to do this is by installing EasyGPS and attempting to upload/download waypoints to your Garmin. If that works, then the problem is with your Lakemaster software. While not a solution, it will allow you to eliminate the Lakemaster software as the problem.

Bt the way, you need to have NMEA data turned off on your GPS unit in order to transfer waypoints.

Let us know how it goes.

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