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Vexilar transducer ???


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I had the same question and sent an email to Vexilar this morning. Here's the note and their response.

My Message: I have a question reagarding the cord on my transducer for my FL-18. I noticed the cord is damaged. The insulation and outer braid is cut and exposed. The inner wire is not yet cut (I don't think). Can the cable be spliced together without affecting the perormance of the transducer ? The transducer seems to be working fine, but I don't want to get on the lake the next time and have the puck fall down the hole or have the unit stop working. I can't fish without my vex anymore !

Vexilar's response : If the transducer is working, the inside or outside wires have not be cut completely. The best patch would be to apply some clear silicone to the damaged area. Use just a small amount and let it dry completely before use.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Mitchell Bennis

Vexilar, Inc.

I had an email response in 30 minutes. You gotta love their customer service !

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Mine doesn't work at all and I don't want to take a chance the thing won't work right if I splice it, so I also contacted vexilar and they said it can be repaired for $15.00 plus shipping, sure beats $60 for a new one.

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