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2004 Sabercat can't steer it


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2004 Sabercat, 200 miles on it. Took it off the trailer at the cabin Friday and it was nearly impossible to steer. It was unridable. I brought it in to the dealer and they are going to work on it. When I got home I received in the mail two service updates (I call them recalls, 4 th recall so far on this sled). 1) Ski shock sleeve both sides may move down on the shock causing a section of shock to come in contact with compression spring. 2) The sway bar arms my become overcentered. This condition may cause limited suspension travel in the front of the snowmobile.

Are any of these two issues potentially my steering issue?

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Sounds like you got a lemon...

I think from what you've posted it seems it could be possible, but its hard to tell from just a general hard to steer comment. Is there any steering? Or is just when you are going fast or slow that its a problem? Can you see if the weight of the sled is loaded up on one ski? I've had one instance of riding a banged up sled back in and with the sway bar tweaked real bad you are almost driving on one ski which makes steering brutal. Tell them about the steering issue when you have them fix the recalls and they should be able to take it out and drive it around a bit to see if that cured it...

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That 04 Sabercat should have very minimal steering effort.

It doesn't sound like those 2 service bulletins really address a steering issue.

Sounds like something is binding or possibly bent in the steering linkage.

I guess thats what warranties are for.

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