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Help with a lake

M.T. Bucket

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I'm going to fish a "secret" lake for the first time today, but looking at the contour map, nothing jumps out at me as the logical starting point. The lake is fairly small, kind of long, and 38' at it's deepest point. There are 2 38' basins on the lake connected by a narrow flat that runs 30'-32'--creating a barbell shape. The south-east side of the drops quickly from the shore to 30'. The north west slowly tapers down to 15', then there are areas of steep drops to 20-25' and some areas that drop more gradually toward the basin. The northeast part of the lake is very shallow and weedy, then breaks from 15 right down to 35'. A creek dumps out of the lake here. There is a very wide 12' flat in this weedy area. I wish I could post the map, but I only have a paper version that was hand made. There are no walleyes in this lake--I am interested in fishing bluegills until dark then targeting crappies.

Does anyone have any ideas about the depths I should target on a lake like this? Should I be looking for points, bays, the weededge? I would think that I would want to target the northeast near the shallow weeds, but on some lakes I've found the fish suspended over the deep basin. Unfortunately, I won't have the time over the next few weeks to just fish all over the lake and see what works. Thanks.

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I would try the 12' weed flat right off the bat! Punch 10 holes in there and look for 'gills to come through. You may pick up crappies in there as well. If the vegetation is still good I would target that flat pretty hard.

In the eve. I would look near the deepest holes, that barbell sounds like a classic spot to hammer crappies in transition! If they're not suspending over the mainlake basins they shouls be near that funnel.

The crappies here are beginning to move out of the mainlake basins and heading toward shallower water, you may look on breaks or just off the edge of humps pretty soon as well.

Good luck, hope that helps!

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