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ice cracking


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Wondering about your thoughts about lots of ice cracking noise while driving around a lake. Is this not a good sound while driving out? Was out on Coon Lake today and drove out from the access by the channel. As I was driving out I opened my window and heard lots of ice cracking sounds. Decided to head back in and went to the East access and walked out. While fishing I continued to hear all kinds of ice cracking like I never had heard before. Especially when vehicles were on the move. Ice was at least a foot or more thick. Does the sound mean that the ice may not be thick enough to handle the weight vehicles? Or am I just being overly cautious. Oh and by the way, only a couple of bites fishing.

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It usually always cracks lihe that. I have been driving on 16" of ice and still cracks like crazy......plenty of ice to drive on still making all that noise! I have gotten used to it at this point.

You should hear the cracking when someone is driving along the ice at 30+ MPH....as what i heard while fishing tonight! Thats kinda scary crazy.gif

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Ice cracking is a good sign usually meaning the ice is getting thicker.. Water is one of the only things I think actually expands when it freezes so you are actually hearing ice being made. you think it was loud on Coon... you should hear it on Mille Lacs it sounds like thunder

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I love the sound of the ice. The phrase comes to mind, "Oh yeah, makin' ice!"

You know how it is before good ice - you can't wait. You're out on three inches of early ice, sitting in your portable, waiting for that first tasty walleye - there's probably still open water on the lake...

...First ice on the spot and you already caught a nice pan-size fish. Your candle goes out, you reach for the matches, and then you hear it coming. The sound gets louder and louder and then suddenly, like a lightning bolt, you see the ice crack right beneath your feet! You can feel the ice sink, water comes up through the chiseled hole, and you're going under! The adrenalin rush hits you so hard and fast at that instant that you only think survival. You breathe deep, hold your breath, close your eyes, clench your hand spikes, AND-YOUR-LIFE-FLASHES-THROUGH-YOUR-MIND-AT-LIGHT-SPEED!!!

Then...it's over...

...And you didn't even notice that your bobber was gone again, another nice fish!

Be careful out there.



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