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Barometer and Walleye Fishing


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I am just curious to see what conditions you would look for with the barometer and fishing for walleye. If the pressure is falling would you typically try to fish deeper or not at all. Fish shallower?!?! AND When the barometer is rising..would you fish shallower or what...I still am unable to resolve this situation. So if anyone has any insight on this stuff please let me know! wink.gif

I have been fishing this past week like every day catching walleyes at a decent rate and then these past two days havent caught a single one.....is it worth it to try friday and saturday....or what...I have no idea and am really confused...SOME ONE HELP! thanks

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I have always had good luck after 2-3 days of steady high pressure. I have also done well just before or during falling pressure.

Low Pressure or rising pressure I would look a little deeper and fish close to the bottom, deadstick or bobber set so you are 1" to 2" off the bottom.

Regardless of pressure however I have notice over the years of ice fishing for walleyes that walleyes will move deeper as the winter goes on. I spot I catch walleyes on at first ice is only 16 feet deep, but come mid Jan I will find walleyes in 28-30 feet in the same reef.

Everylake can be alittle different when trying to predict walleye movement and locations. Try to keep a journal and right all the conditions down and your success either good or bad. This will help you very much in the future in trying to figure walters out.

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tell you what I will be doing this weekend with falling and steady low pressure. Sitting shallow. And like Elmer Fudd, Be very very quite smile.gif Ill be fishing a break from 17 up to 5 feet. and I will be setting in the 5 feet throughout the night. Cause there is practically no moon smile.gif Oh wait. There will not be any moon because it will be set at 1:45 this afternoon and will not appear again until 7 AM smile.gif

I am more moon oriented than pressure oriented. However, the moon does have a gravitational affect on air as well as water so it does affect barometric pressure as well as weather.

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I'm also curious how and why the barometric pressure affects fish. I always check the barometer before I go fishing. Through trial and error, I have found the most active fish shallow during falling/low pressure. During high/rising pressure I normally try slower/deeper presentations and do a lot more "fishing" than "catching".

I suppose fish sense the pressure drop and try and fatten up to "weather the storm". Afterwards, when it clears up, the fish may have retreated to the depths to seek shelter; plus, they may be full and might have to be "enticed" into eating. Finally, after a couple of nice days with steady pressure, they get hungry again and cautiously go looking for a meal - until the next storm approaches - and the cycle repeats itself.

Of course, it's a "theory" and the "proof" lies in the pursuit.


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