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IceLeaders Show - Metro Area SMALL PANFISH-1/6/05


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Check out the adventures of Iceleaders hosted by Deitz Dittrich.

Deitz takes us out on a current IceLeaders January ice fishing trip to a metro Area lake to share his agressive ice fishing tactics. Deitz also shares some great information about tackle usage, rod bag and fishing. Sunfish, crappie and perch are the order of the day. The fish aren't big but the advice is priceless.

IceLeaders presents


by FishingMN Pro Staff:

Deitz Dittrich.

IceLeaders Metro Panfish- AGRESSIVE ICE FISHiNG TACTICS -256k High Speed - CLICK HERE

We recommend you Right Click on the 256k link and "Save Target As" to download to your PC. Then play it right off your PC. The 256k is a bigger picture with better sound.

You can see the Custom Jigs & Spins Panfish/Perch Kit to see some of the fish catching tackle used or See the Scenic Tackle Go Devils and Angel Eyes that were used to turn these panfish on at TackleCity.com - CLICK HERE

Click this link for slow speed telephone connections.

We now have added downloadable QuickTime movies!

Click here for QuickTime

If you do not have QuickTime you can download it at this link.


IceLeaders.com will be posting IceLeaders Shows™ on a consistent basis. Look for new video features each week.

Please, let us know what you think of this video right here?

Thank YOU for your participation.

Your comments below are very much appreciated cool.gif

IceLeaders Metro Panfish- AGRESSIVE ICE FISHiNG TACTICS -256k High Speed - CLICK HERE

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Dan-Glad you asked.. it just so happens Rick and I tapped some stuff on Lake of the woods and it is at the editor right now. Rick probably has more to say abou tthis.. but the internet hot bite and ICe leaders Videos are what I think to be the future of fishing videos... You can watch them anytime you want from anywhere in the world! I really hope Rick and FishingMinnesota.com and IceLeaders.com expands this, and I hope to be a large part of that...

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I tend to agree. My biggest complaint about watching videos on TV are there aren't many good ice fishing segments that are current.

I caught an episode on LOW from a Wheeler's Point house and all I learned from that show was if the nose and tail touch the edges of a 5 gallon bucket, it gets kept. Then at the end they dump out the bucket to show how great fishing is in there houses. (I believe it was a Midwest Outdoors show)

It is great to have current videos and videos that explain something- whether new gear, tactics, or how to fish a drop off.

By the way, good job on your first episode!! You have a personality that comes through on camera very well.

I can't wait to see the LOW episode, I was up there about the same time, maybe a week earlier.

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Yes Hats off to Deitz!

Do we have a star in the making?

Look for more great shows real soon!

Deitz let me know when your ready for the next show!

When producing these shows each one brings a new challenge.

And I hope all enjoy. I like it when we can have a combination of solid information and tactics as well as showing some fish coming in. Our goal is to make informative and entertaining shows. I truly think that this the start of some great things to come.

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Well done Deitz!

I've had the opportunity to fish with Deitz a few times and let me tell you, this guy practices what he preaches! Deitz is definitely an aggressive angler and he brings a lot of fun to the sport of fishing. Deitz is not only an outstanding bass fisherman (as seen in his avatar with a nice 10 pounder smile.gif) but he is also a very well-rounded fisherman. A great guy with a lot to offer!

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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A "star" might be a bit overdoing it.. You do a great job in the edit room to get those videos to turn out. Awesome job!

Matt-You know what its like being on the other side of the camera as well and did a great job on the Lake of the Woods shoot... We need to put our heads togeather sometime and kick out one of these videos...

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Thanks again for all the positive comments. They are really nice to see.

I know for a fact that Matt Johnson is putting another togeather very soon.. and I plan on being on the ice at the Medicine Lake event with the camera man and producer Darin Ingals... Were going to do a show called "the little things that matter" we hope to get a lot of tips on the ice from our members there.. It should be a great show... look to seeing it a week or so following the event!!!

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