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before 1961


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just thought i'd give my thoughts on why i think there's so much bitterness by viking fans towards the packers and their fans.

back before the vikings were formed the pro football team that most people from Minnesota cheered for was the Packers.

the packers would come over to your fine state and play pre season games.

well, in 1961 the vikings showed up and you, your parents, grandparents and great grandparents had to either cheer for the vikings or be closet packer fans.

think about this, you have your own team now (they're losing) and the packers (they're winning) that you/they cheered for, and went on a to win many championships.

deep down you/they are happy to have you're own in state team to cheer for but are ticked that it happened when it did. my guess is that if the vikings came around in 1971 you wouldn't have so much bitterness towards the packers and their fans.

i might not be explaining myself very well but try and read between the lines and you'll understand.

can't wait 'til sunday, should be fun. wink.gif

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I am sure the intention of your post was not in any way to put us Vikes fans down but the way I take it is that we are bitter because you were good when we were bad and we secretly have issues 43 years later because our Packers were taken away from us. You have got to be kidding. It is that exact type of attitude that explains the bitterness. The expectation that we are jealous or have a inferiority complex. The only time I ever feel bitterness towards a Pack fan is when they try to tell me they are superior in any way. I may not have been alive in 1961 but between my father, uncles, grandparents, family friends and people I work with that are Vikes fans, not one has ever mentioned the Packers mattered to them at any point. You were the first to inform me of this. I don't believe your theory to be accurate.

Again, I know you are not trying to offend, but that is the way I take your post.

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I'm with Fishyguy, I was born in '67 and my father was a Colts fan... I guess he had met a few of them years ago and therefore he followed them.... He was never a Vikings or Packer fan so I guess I don't fall into that sweet psycho analysis deal you've got brewing. My first real Viking memories were when the purple lost in the Super Bowl to the Raiders... I remember beating up alot of good Rams teams in the playoffs and getting cheated on the Drew Pearson pushoff in '75 etc...

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I think the percieved bitterness is that pack fans are so in love with their football team they cannot understand how anyone could like another team. They think other teams fans are faking it and secretly like the pack and thier goal is to keep telling everyone how great the packers are hoping they will convert.

I say prior to 61 people in mn were Bears fans.

Bret Farves final game on Sunday, better tape it. grin.gif

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