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Fishing results from Green Mtn for Jan 5, 2005

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Well it was 2 degrees when I left Thornton this morning around 300 AM, went thru the tunnel and I couldn't believe the Temp, it was 28 degrees. The whole day at Green Mtn the temps did not get below 20 degrees, enough of the weather report. Went to the old boat ramp area on the North side of Res, just east of the Dam. The snow was seriously deep....I knew I was in trouble when I drove down to the parking area and the snow was up to my door of my jeep so that I had to force the door open to exit the vehicle, knowing this I knew I would be struggling and digging the jeep out by the end of the day. Drilled 1st hole for a depth check directly in front of the point just to the west of the ramp. 85 feet.....way to deep for early morning. Drilled a zig zag of about 25 holes starting at the deepest and working inward all the wy to 18 feet. (good note) if possible write in the snow what the depth was at each hole that you drill for future reference during the day. Started fishing a little past sunrise.....started with the old stand-bye a gold 3/8 once airplane jig with a 4" white YUM tube(just a single hook from the tail end, no hooks on wings) tipped it with a little sucker meet and dropped it down to the bottom. When searching for fish I usually let it go down fairly slow just enough tension thru your finger tips, I wont free fall it until I know what depth the fish are holding at. The 1st hole (18 feet) produced a good chunky 16-20" laker ...."good start". After about 25 minutes w/o marking any more fish at that hole moved to hole #2, you get the point. All the holes up to the 42 foot hole produced no fish and no marks. Spent maybe 20 minutes or so at each hole, working the gold airplane jig down and then up thru the water table, by this time I am alternating between that and a little chartruese and yellow jig, this is very small maybe 1/8 oz, no tubes just a tab of meat to spice it up, alternating large and small baits in the same hole sometimes bring in some fish that may of not wanted a larger bait. At the 42 foot hole (bingo) I find the lakers, catching approx 6-8 per hour...mostly on the bigger gold jig. Fish would not take it on the bottom but would take it about 35 feet and they were following all the way uo to about 20 feet before going back down. At about 1200 moved to deeper holes.....no fish..went back to 42 foot hole around 2:00 and caught 3-4 per hour, all small but fun to catch. So the report ends like this...the fish were in 42 feet of water and were attacking mostly gold jig, with white tube, and sucker meat; slow descent to the bottom and slowly jigging upward pausing ocasionally once the jig came up to about 20 feet or so back down it went. Surprisingly not alot of short strikers , when then hit they took it. Worked with two different lines today, 6 pound Cajun Red, and 10 pound ( same dia as 4 pound) of spider wire, liked the spider wire a litle better, alot easier to handle in the cold. So the day is over I thought but of course my jeep is still buried, thank goodness for travel shovels, had to dig out completely back front and under the body 3 hours later I get to HWY 9 .....not a good day for a Jeep, the snow was just to deep, but a good day for fishing.

I hope this helps out a little, everyone seems to want to know the where and the how of catching fish at different places

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