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Waypoint data transfer help needed


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Posted this in the expert equipment section with no replys, maybe someone here can help? Has anyone been sucessfull down loading wapoints from a Lowrance Golbal Map 2400 to an iFinder H2O using the MMC card? I've spent hours trying to acomplish this task. I've gotton as far as saving the waypoints on to the MMC card off of the 2400 only to have the iFinder say it is an un-recognizable format when loaded into it. I've called Lowrance severaly times and have actually gotton conflicting directions. The latest is to use MapCreate (which i don't own) as a converter (go between). I was even told that this may be a gluich in the software not known to Lowrance. I never anticipated this would be a problem when there both Lowrance using the MMC card. Can anyone help?! Thanks, Moose

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I use garmin gps's and garmin mapsource. but i would say they are correct you need to first download all routes, wpts, tracks, into your P.C . then you will be able to upload to other lowrance gps units.

I do own lowrance fishfinders and their great. but garmins gps's are more advanced and much easier to use. what your describing takes about 5 minutes with the garmin software and units.

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Thanks for the info.I'll be diffently checking out that GPS Easy web site. Anybody esle tried transfering waypoints between ant lowrance products with the MMC card?

Again I appreciate any help, Moose

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You’ll definitely want to use EasyGPS. As the name implies, it's extremely easy to install and use (and yes, it's free). Basically what you’ll be doing is uploading all of the waypoints from your 2400 and downloading them to your iFinder (NOTE: Make absolutely certain that both units are set to the WGS84 datum type).

Assuming you have PC interface cables for both units, here's what you will need to do to accomplish your specific task:

Download, install, and open EasyGPS

File->Preferences->Add GPS->Lowrance->Globomap 2400->Add GPS->Lowrance->iFinder H20

Connect your Globomap 2400 unit to your PC

Click on the "Receive" icon and select Globomap 2400

Once all waypoints are loaded, disconnect your 2400

Connect your iFinder H20 unit to your PC

Click on the "Send" icon and select iFinder H20

If you follow the instructions above you should be all set. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!

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Good point Catfish. I don't actually have the 2400 or the iFinder myself, but EasyGPS does list both units in it's database. I've used EasyGPS to upload/download waypoints to/from disparate GPS units using the instructions from my previous post. I guess the real question we need answered is can EasyGPS upload/download waypoint coordinates from an MMC card?

Anybody with an MMC reader that has iFinder data on it care to try and upload waypoints into EasyGPS? All you should have to do is configure EasyGPS for Lowrance iFinder, select USB as the interface (assuming the reader is USB), and attempt to receive data.

That brings up some additional questions for me…are the data formats for the iFinder incompatible with GlobalMap? In other words, are you not able to just swap MMC cards between GlobalMap and iFinder?

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A lot of good information, thank you! I think its safe to say that saving data to MMC card out of 2400 cannot be directly loaded into the iFinder H2O. I also have been told that the other iFinders (e.i.Pro, Pro Map, Hunter, etc.)may have different formats between them. I questioned a Lowrance Rep. at the ice fishing show as to how to accomplish my task and he did not know or if it was possible! I responded, does Lowrance think that a person only buys one unit, never having a need to transfer waypoints to a new unit? Those waypoints are like gold to a fishermen. He reponded that they need more fishermen in the software enginering department. Anyways I'm excited about trying the EasyGPS software.

Again thaks to all for the information.


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