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FYI Shelter regestration update


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Upon renewal for my drivers licence MN has has a new look to the card! Not only that but you are issued a new DL mumber! So now that you have defaced your portables once already with your DL to display private info you have to redo your mumbers to match your new current MN DL. After talking with the Dept of transportaion an Dnr The officers are aware of this problem. However if its not changed it is at the discretion of the officer on whether or not to give you a ticket~! I just got my new renewal on the 28th of DEC! Now the number does not match any of my current lincence or registration.

Just a little heads up for the future! smirk.gif

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So if you have D.L. # on your checks you will need to change them too. Why do they change the DL#???

I work for a twin cities suburb, and all the crime prevention people say you should NOT have you dl # on your checks. It can be a pain having to show your ID once in a while, but the # on the check makes it way easier for ID theft. FYI

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I just renewed my drivers license an it is completely different, including the number. I have a carved plaque on the outside of my permanent house with this number engraved in it. It looks like that guy at the fair who does the engraving will get some more business next summer.

I'm not going to worrry about it this year. I'm sure there would be some sort of amnesty while they straighten this out. At the very least, the DNR database would still have all the old numbers and the CO could cross-reference the number on the shelter with the old database. The purpose of having the number is so they can identify you, and I'm sure they can still do that with the old numbers on the shelter.

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The new cards feature a new card number format. Anyone who applies for a duplicate card, renews an existing card, or submits an initial application after December 12, will receive the new card with the new number format.

Unlike the current system, the number is not based on your name. As a result, in most cases you will receive a number that does not begin with the first letter of your last name.

The new number that is assigned to you will be your number during your lifetime - even if your change your name or leave the state and return, the number remains the same.

The new number enhances our system security and provides more features to help prevent identity theft and fraud.

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Identity theft is a big problem that effects businesses the most becouse they take the hit. Which altimatly affects what we pay for stuff. not to mention what it does to the victom for years after. I think it is about time that they start doing something even if it is an incoviniance.

An inconvience is a lot better than it happening to you. Then your life is messed up for an awfull long time.

For years sociaty has been ignoring the problem, and it is not going away! frown.gif

I for one welcome anything that will help protect my privacy and stop these crooks from steeling from our sociaty!

Hang em high! wink.gif

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*** new number that is assigned to you will be your number during your lifetime - even if your change your name or leave the state and return, the number remains the same. ***

I thought we already had this lifetime thing figured out...

I guess it's a twice in a lifetime number now.....

I wish the politicians would quit screwing around with these things - I doubt that they ever thought about the ramifications of making a change like this. Fortunately I'm building a new house so it won't impact me, but this is a real pain in the *** for those who have nice plaques made for their houses, or those that have to deface their house to make the change.

The COs should allow ALL old numbers to be grandfathered in so those that have perminent houses with perminent numbers carved, sprayed or written on the house wouldn't have to change, but any new houses that are built would have the new numbers - seems easy enough to me.


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