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Forest trail Closures!!

lichen fox

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There's a public input meeting on the proposed closing of up to 80% of the currently undesignated trails in the Beltrami Island State forest...on thursday January 13th,2005, 6PM to 9Pm at the Warroad Middle School. If you ride ATV's in this area I would strongly urge you to attend.

They are redesignating the forest from managed to limited or closed....the proposal calls for up to 590 miles of the currently undesignated 750 miles of trails to be "off limits" to motorized vehicles...baisicly leaving us with the graveled & graded roads! frown.gif

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Muskybuck, how would you feel if someone were to say this about ice fishing some day?

Whats wrong with limiting ice fishing to standing up outside with nothing but a fishing rod? Some fishermen even damage lakes by leaving junk on them.

Would you agree?

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Whats wrong with limiting ATV's to gravel and graded roads? They even damage these.

I don't think that they should limit where you can ride. I just think that they should limit the stupid people that cause damage. If you ride curteously you don't damage anything. I don't have a problem with them severly punishing people that do damage, I just don't think everyone should be punished.

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