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Used motor been sitting for 3 years! What should I do first?



The gas tank is almost full and what should I do with gas thats been sitting for that long?
Any suggestion as to what to do to get this motor ready for the duck season.
It's a 1980 15hp Johnson only used during the duck seasons.

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I'm certainly no mechanic, but I'd start by draining the gas. You'll have to bring that in as hazardous waste someplace that will accept it most likely - an auto parts store might take it, I know some take used oil..

I'd spray up the carburetor with some type of carb. cleaner and replace the spark plug. Fresh gas and a new spark plug may be all you need to do depending on the condition of the motor. Good luck!

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Fishinaddict is correct.
Here's what I usually do:
Empty tank and dispose of gas properly (I use it in my old Allis tractor).
Remove carburator and clean it up very well with spray carb cleaner.
Pull the plugs and spray some WD40 or oil into cylinders, then turn flywheel few times to help lubricate cylinder walls.
Replace plugs and re install them.
It will be better to pull lower unit and replace water pump impeller, but on Evinrude you will have to disconnect shift rod right below carb (while it's off) or somewhere on the center section of motor (this will be a little tought to do, depending on your mechanical skills).
After this motor should be ready to go, check all hoses and wires for cracks or bruises and recplace if needed.
Start motor in a tank or with muffs, if it runs by itself with no problem, you are set, if it dies and you have to pump gas with primer, you will have to replace fuel pump also, but don't buy a kit, they are a pain to reassemble, buy the whole unit, it's slightly more expensive.
If you have a manual, it will help a lot.
Good luck.

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