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Battery problem



Was out last week fishing and noticed the positve battery post that my trolling moter is hooked to was very hot, so hot it melted the plastic around it.
what could casue this?
Could it be that I was running the heck out of my trolling moter?

Anyway, need a new one now because the post is loose were the plastic melted, I dont trust it.

whats a decent deep ccyle that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?


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"Usually" When wires get hot it is a result of too much current drawn due to corrosion or even a short .

I would guess it is not a short because they usually result in smoke or worse. A small short is possible but your battery would drain quickly.

I would check the crimped cable ends and make sure your battery posts are clean.
Corrosion on any contacts will cause overcurrent and heat. Conncetions in the motor , on off switch , foot pad etc should be inspected.

Your battery can be tested at Sears or other auto stores.

WalMart sells batteries and I have had good luck with there marine batteries .

hope this helps!

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Nope, not on new boat, I'm hoping to order one this fall providing I sell the one I got.
the trolling moter and battery are new this summer.
But I reckon I could check were the cable connectors are crimped.
If not that, then i'll just have to see what happens with a new batt.
If it happens again, Guess I'll have to bring the moter in

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If it is a Minkota motor and you are close to Mankato I would take it in and have it checked out because If the motor is causing the problem you risk blowing a third battery.

If the motor checks out ok the battery could have been defective and maybe covered under warranty.

If the motor is not ok then who ever sold you the motor owes you a new motor and a new battery.

Over use of a new trolling motor should do nothing more than drain the batttery not destroy it.

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