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Dakota Iceman

Big Dipper vrs Little dipper ??

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Is there two such animals? I picked one up at cabelas over lunch...it says little dipper on it, I cant imagine one bigger than this? and if so...whats it used for? 15" holes or what!!

I have the big dipper and fish out of 10" holes. It's great for cleaning the holes out or chipping ice if it forms. It can be angled in a 10" hole to get past those slab crappies when there coming up the hole in url, and used like a net till you get your hands on them. I have saved many fish that way that would have gone back down the hole when becoming unhooked.


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Ice Fishing will never be the same now that you picked up a Little Dipper! grin.gif

Yes, there is a Big Dipper and its BIGGER! The handle is longer and the scoop a little bit wider. Its great if you don't like to bend over to scoop slush out of your hole.

I use the Little Dipper. It packs nicely into my Revolution bag and also is the perfect size for my Otter den. I'm sure I'll be picking up a Big Dipper to scoop the holes in my permanent house this winter.

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I love my little dipper. i use it as a makeshift shovel from time to time also. the big dipper is just a little too much for me to handle

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I've decided to offer some of the Original Big Dippers here. They sell for almost $20.

I'll run an IceLeaders special and let you have them for $14.95

They don't make them with the original Christian Bros Hockey sticks anymore.

We have a limited supply. 1st come 1st serve. when they are gone we will shut it down.

You can see them at:

The Original Big Dipper - Click Here

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