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Power Pro Line



On a recent outing up to Lockport, I spooled one reel up with 50 pound Power Pro, I used it very little, reason? 2 snags, 2 broken lines, I just barely pulled them and the line broke easily? 2 casts towards the face of the dam and the whole works broke off, whats with that? I use palomar knots, I mean these kind of lines need a scissors to cut? don't get it? anybody have any ideas? otherwise its back to mono for me.

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I'm not happy with Power Pro either. I used to love the stuff, but now it snaps my lures off during a cast in mid air. I think the problem was the when I casted too aggressively the line would "birds nest" in the reel and there was no give, and SNAP! I've had better results by just casting lightly.

I won't be buying anymore PP in the future. I've lost too many lures in mid air, but never to a fish smile.gif

I've tried Fireline and it wasn't for me. I might try it again...

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Power Pro is a very good product, in my opinion.

Just not a wise choice for cats in a situation like the Lockport Dam.

Why, all super braids are "0-Stretch' kinda stuff. 0-Stretch is Very hard to get un-snagged in rocky areas. Super-braids are still susceptible to shearing on granite or anything Sharp. Conditions like this are very common on dams and tail-races on rivers.

In this scenario I would opt for Berkley Big Game, Berkley Big Cat is another good one too. Or my personal favorite 20-30 IronSilk, as it is a HIGH abrasion resistant Reinforced Polymer line and allows for shock adsorption.

Power Pro line and other super-braids excel for trolling deep, jigging light, casting med-heavy cranks in the shallows, and fussy walleye slip rigging. Untra-light slip floats are great with 8/1 PowerPro too.

For bait rigging big game in rocky cover, as is the case at the Lockport Dam, I would look to another line option then PowerPro, TuffLine, or FireLine.

I hope this is of help guys?


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