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Anyone else hunting Crow Hassan this weekend?

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After 3 years of applying I finally got drawn for Murphy Hanrehen and because I broke my wrist in Sept., its still not strong enough to pull my bow back, even with a brace. Trust me, I've tried.

How many years did you have to apply for Crow Hassan before you got drawn? I hunted Crow Hassan about 10 years ago in about 3" of fresh snow. Didn't get anything though. If I remember right, they like to go out in the tall grass fields and bed down. Also that year there were a number of deer shot around that small lake.

Good luck!


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We had 4 guys out there.

I saw 10 anterless deer and had one very close, but it was a surprise deal, and no way for a shot.

Guy 2 - had a draw on 4 different deer(2 small bucks and 2 anterless). Between 5 and 20 yds. But in each case he could not take the shot due to obstructions, and the deer ended up spooking for one reason or another. (The 5 yd shot was at a deer right below him, but a red oak branch with leaves on it blocked the shot).

Guy 3 - saw a few deer and had one that snuck up from behind at 10 yds. It winded him.

And finally guy 4 - saw a couple deer, including a nice 8pt. But obstructions did him in. He had a window through some trees at 30 yds on it. He shot, and stuck the arrow directly into a 4 inch diameter branch. He said if he tried 100 times, he could not have repeated that shot.

We didnt bag any, but we saw deer, and man was it nice weather.

There were 11 deer harvested for the hunt. The biggest was a 165lb 8pt buck.

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