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rod recommendations


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Thanks for all of the info guys. I have decided to go with the Shimano Sedona, as I was able to get a couple for 1/2 price. Now I am trying to decide between the Genz rods and the St. Croixs. Any recommendations between the two of them? How about length and weight rods for panfish and walleye?

Thanks again, you guys are always a great help and very informative.

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I prefer the old Genz rods over this years model. The old Genz Rods were more similar to what the St. Croix Premier is like now. They changed the handles on the Genz Rods and I don't like the change compared to how it used to be. It just doesn't feel right (maybe I'm just used to the old handle...). If you can find them, I would go with last years Genz Rod over the St. Croix, but if I had to choose between this years models, I would go with the St. Croix Premier. I like the Premier better than the Avid, I'm not too partial to the graphite handle of the Avid, although it still is a nice rod, I just prefer cork.

Both the 24 and 28 inch ultralite Premier by St. Croix are nice. The 28 inch mediumlite is also a good choice for panfish/perch.

For the Genz Rod, I would go with either the 24 or 28 inch lite action for panfish, both are good choices. I really like the 29 inch mediumlite for a variety of situations too.

Another rod to take a look at is the JR's Tackle rods. They are made up of similar components as the Genz and St. Croix rods, and the actions are similar as well. There is going to be a new line of ice rods coming out and they should be top-notch. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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