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Might not be the place...but we need a little help


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Sometimes things fall into perspective real fast...

I have been thinking about deer hunting and icefishing pretty much non stop for the last few weeks. Well this morning I get a call that my Mom had a heart attack and is in the Alex Hospital. Drove over to see her...pretty vulnerable laying in the hospital bed.

My point is this, if you are lucky enough to have parents yet...give em a call, take em to deer camp, take em ice fishing...

If you are OK with it, take a moment and ask whatever Higher Power you believe in, to help my Mom recover so we can share a fishouse this winter, and a boat this next summer.

Thanks for listening.

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I know how you feel when you mentioned your mom being vulnerable in the hospital bed. I went through the same thing with my Ma. You never imagine you own mother looking like that. I hope you and her wil pull through this ok.

I'll say a prayer for you both.

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I'll keep your mother in my prayers too.

I'm still young enough to have both sets of my grandparents with me in life. My one grandpa has been has been having medical problems lately with numbness/poor circulation in his feet, legs, and hands. I've watched him go from being this strong man in the family to needing a walker to get around in the last few months. It is tough. My grandpa introduced me to Lake of the Woods when I was a little kid and have spent many weekends at Springsteel Resort with him, grandma, and the family.

Your advice is good. I fish with my dad as much as I can. I will also be deer hunting alongside my other grandpa this upcoming weekend.

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My thought and prayers are with you and your family.

Not to take away from the drama in your life, your story got me thinking...

Thank god for the technology we have today, My dad has had angioplasty, 5 bypass surgery, and a kidney transplant, there is not a day that goes by when I stop for a minute and thank the good Lord for the opportunity to talk to my dad and plan on the next fishing trip.

...and just being able to say the people we talk about are still here and able to enjoy them. I am very grateful for that. Some people are not so fortunate.

Sorry if this is too choppy, mind went on a sentimental tangant.

Take life one day at a time. enjoy what you have, for, one day it will be gone.

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Sorry to hear the news.

Over the years, especially since I have a son, I have come to realize just how important family is. I have never been closer to my parents and look forward to seeing them every weekend.

I wish your mother a speedy and full recovery grin.gif

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MM; Sorry to hear about your mom, but your post may help alot of people. We all get caught up in our daily routine, and lose track sometimes of what's most important in life, FAMILY. I'm calling my mom right now. Your mother has my prayers!

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