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Fall Mushroom Hunting?


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Now is prime time for Sulfer Shelf mushrooms, or otherwise known as "chicken of the woods" They tend to Be a flourescent Yellow on the Bottom and Dark Red to Bright Red on top, you can find these ground level or up to 20 feet up in the trees, I do believe they tend to like Oak trees. The ones I find are out in the Aitkin area so my guess that kind of forest growth would be ideal. They generally come in 15# clumps and grow up 5 feet in width. Important these mushrooms can make people have a upset stomach if not fully cooked so make sure if you do find one cook it all the way through. And yes they do taste chicken. THe best part of the mushroom is the softest part. Generally the first third attached to the tree is going to be very woody. With all mushrooms the fresher the better. Especially with these, the brightest ones you can find are going to be the best ones out there. If you have a mushroom guide book you should be able to find more info on these. Definately watch out for worms as well and soak thouroughly in a salt water solution.

Good Luck

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I do all my spring and fall mushroom hunting at Cub! To many look-a-likes to suit me! I like mushrooms, especially

Portabella's, I don't know where they come from, but yum.

If it came down to picking wild mushrooms...I would'nt be eating them anymore, lack of knowledge you see and no drive to gain it...ingest the wrong one and from what I have heard, it's as sure as an ought six!

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The state is full of areas to collect mushrooms. sami0115, the Winona area has a bazillion country roads to chase down and you can find the shaggies right along those.

There are indeed many "look alikes" as the Grebe has offered up. My advice before just heading to the woods is to buy a good book on mushroom identification and study it long and hard....and not over a good cocktail. What you learn my just save your life. The next step would be to accompany someone who KNOWS what they are looking at before setting out on your own.

Wild mushrooms are very tasty. BUT, the wrong ones can cause anything from a simple gut ache to hands crossed-eyes closed-nose and toes up. The shaggy manes which are [PoorWordUsage]ing right now can be confused with about three or four forms of toad stools which are not such nice guys to deal with.

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