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dont wanna give it up

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Hey...I'm gonna through this out there and hope someone else is in the same boat or waders, that I am in. the misses and I are planning on buying a house this winter or spring and we need to get ultra nazi on our finances to clear up debt, down payment..blah, blah, blah. Well, basically I'm not ging to be able to justify $$$ on gas and food to head up north every weekend chasing ducks. This is the first year I've duck hunted since high school..back in '91 and am absolutely addicted. I cant give it up and dont want to. So here's my cautiously optomistic proposal. If anyone else wants to save on dough when the go hunting and doesn't mind alittle company I'm game. I know a good spot near pine city that I access with waders..I suppose you could dump a small canoe/duck boat in there..but I use waders. Done real well up there this year. I have a few deks too. I work days so unfortunately its a weekend things, except for the odd day..no work dump, (I'm a construction worker). But that's usually a game time decision and hard to plan with someone else. Ok..I'm rambling now. There you have it and there you are. If someone else is in the same situation, or maybe your just a cheap skate and wanna save some dough....maybe we can help each other out.

This is Ironman and I approve this post.

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