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Anyone familar with sled electronics?


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Problem is my heated hand grips quit working last year. I've check all the wiring connections and re-done them all but nothing seems to work. Is there a fuse or anything related to this stuff?? I also have a thumb warmer and it does not work at all. So I do think they are related problems. It's a 92 Indy 500 EFI.

Thanks for any info!

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Ok there is no inline fuse, You have a brown wire running to your thumb warmer which also runs to your Handwarmers dual heat box which should have one blue wire also going into it from the accessory switch for off low or high. I would have to assume if you have rewired it and you have bothing then I think you are looking at replacing your Handwarmers dual heat box.. Now remember there are two boxes to replace for the sled has to have a second for your high temp selection so you may want to get both and replace both since you had hand warmers but never a thumb...Good luck hope I helped..

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Ok try this:

Open shroud.

Disconnect the yellow lead from the hand warmer switch.

Connect one ohms meter lead to the switch terminaland the other ohm meter lead to a ground.

With the switch off the ohm meter should read infinity. With the switch in low heat position, the ohm meter should readapprox. 10 ohms. With it on high the meter should read approx. 5 ohms. If the ohm meter indicates a faulty circuit, check the switch.If you have an email address send it and I will scan the wire diagram of your sled for you and send it to you via email.. [email protected]

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