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new points system

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Just curious what everyone thinks of the new point system this year? I'll decide after this season is over. Has of right now I like it. The thought of it coming down to the last race would be cool. Last year Matt was so far ahead I stopped watching nascar with 10 races to go.

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Personally, I think Brian France is making too many changes too fast. I would have liked to see them have a vote amoungst the owners and drivers to decide if the points sys. needed to be changed, and then another vote on which format to use. But since that is yesterday-history-dead and gone, all we can deal with is right here right now-so I guess we'll see what happens. I haven't taken the time to do any "research" on it, but look at the schedule for the last 10 races...would be interesting to see who of the last ten races has won the most at those tracks. I might look it up and let you all know soon.

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Here is the breakdown for the last 10 races:

Track: Historical Winner '03 Winner
New Hamp. 4 wins-J. Burton J. Johnson
Dover 4 wins-M. Martin R. Newman
Talledega 4 wins-Dale Jr M. Waltrip
Kansas 2 wins-J. Gordon R. Newman
Lowes 3 wins-J. Gordon T. Stewart
Martinsville7 wins-R. Wallace J. Gordon
Atanta 6 wins-B. LaBonte J. Gordon
Phoenix 2 wins-J. Burton Dale Jr
Darlington 6 wins-J. Gordon T. LaBonte
Homested 2 wins-T. Stewart B. LaBonte
Do you see a small pattern here ?

*there is an exception I had to make....these are current drivers. Historically Dale Earnhardt Sr. holds the records overall of 8 wins each at both Talledega & Atlanta.
Guess we'll see what happens as the cars are not the same as last year, alot of changes since then on the cars.

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