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Dirt or Asphalt


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I was just wondering what everyone perfers to watch? Since we are talking about racing it dosen't nessesarlly have to be NASCAR. Myself I drive on dirt and it will always be that way!!


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You a driver, Ozzie? Where do you run? When I was a kid we would make a run over to Morristown 4 or 5 times a year to watch races. They used to have a dirt track right across the Cannon river from camp maidenrock. It was great. Middle of summer, campgrounds full of campers who probably couldn't hear themselves think for about 3 hours. The best part was, if the wind was out of the right direction all that dirt would blow right over into the campgrounds.

You prolly wouldn't want me working in your pit if you are a driver. One time when we were heading home from Morristown in the Mercury Comet I had just bought, I must have forgotten to put the hood pins back in and the regular hood latch failed as we were humming down hwy 60 at about 65 mph in heavy after-race traffic. Dad was driving when the hood popped up and slammed straight into the windshield. I had to stick my head out the passenger side window to guide him onto the shoulder. Used my belt to tie the hood back down till we got home. I think Dad would have rather used that belt for something else that night if you know what I mean.


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