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Camper Winterizing

Sand Burr

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It's a pretty easy process if you have a bypass for the water heater. My experience is that you don't want to put the antifreeze into the heater. Pull the plug and make sure it's empty for the winter. Don't tighten the plug fully when you replace it.

We had to rig a bypass on the inlaw's old trailer. It was a twice-a-year battle to work in a tight space but kept the heater going for years.

Make sure there's no water in the system. Pour 3-4 gallons of antifreeze into the water reservoir. Turn on the pump and run until the antifreeze comes through. Run enough to fill the p-trap, too. If you have a shower and use the indoor toilet, use the same procedure.

In the spring, drain the reservoir before you put any water in. Then put water in and drain it. Fill with water. Include some bleach to help clean out the system and run the system until you get clear water. Drain the system and run untreated water through the system.

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You need to rig a funnel. I'd look for a plastic funnel with a flexible neck. I've seen screw-on spouts for the gallon bottles but can't think where. Maybe that camper store in Rodgers or Fleet or wherever you got the camper.

Another thing. Don't skimp on the antifreeze. At a couple bucks a jug, it's easier to buy 3-4 upfront than to try to get by with 2.

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Kinda figured the funnel thing. Yes, I already picked up 4 gallons at Menards yesterday at $1.98 gallon.

Where do you get the adapter to blow the lines out with a compressor?

Gezz never thought about it but this sounds like I can get a new compressor just for the camper at the campsite! smile.gif

Hey nice Rack

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Don't know that you'd need to blow out the lines. You'll be filling both cold and hot with antifreeze.

If you really wanted to blow out the lines, you'd probably have to disconnect at the pump. I've used the screw-on nipple from caulk or glue tubes to hook on the hose and insert in to the lines.

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