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Looking for a few camping items


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Hey folks, looking to add a couple of new things to the camping aresenal.

1 - screen tent. Looking for a large screen tent to cover a state park size picnic table, but dont's want to spend $150 for a wenzel or cabelas model. Any suggestions?

2 - Sleeping pad. My wife and I have therma-rests and they are great for teh b-dub but would like to have somthing a little more comforable for car camping. We have used aire mattresses in the past but not crazy about them. Any other recommendations?

Thanks for your help.

P.S. - Just got back from Savanna Portage State Park by McGregor, nice park.

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Gander has been closing out screen tents. I think my car would fit in one they had going for around $100. We bought one at Target several years back that covers a picnic table but the sides are slanted enough to take up side space. We'd like to try Savannah this fall but may have to stick with the standbys like Itasca and Bemidji. Watch for closeouts on chaise cushions. We used them in our tenting days.

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77, check k-mart, i picked up a 12x12 there for $67 on sale a month ago normally around $80. all the poles are corded together so there is no guess work there and i can easily set it up by myself.

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