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Bad things happen in 3's???

Fisher Dave

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Reading others post's in several different forums recently about recent hard luck cases .. I think I topped them all and never had reson to suspect any of it.

As of last night I was doing my father a favor in moving the motorhome and pop-up camper from Merrifield to Floodwood (90 miles). The motorhome was mecanicly sound, the tires on the tent trailer were new as with the bearings, the tanks were full.... no big deal right???

Well .. Problem ...

#1 .. The motor Home sank in and was very stuck where it was stored for the winter.. a tractor and some serious trench's we're the result (of course it was raining).

#2 .. No brake lights. Mice got under and did some chewing.

#3 .. Finally get rolling down the road (1 mile) and the wind grabbed a peice of the siding about 4' long ad pulled it out and folded it over (factory staple's decayed).. luckily no serious damage, but a hassle.

#4 .. after securing the siding, we made it about 6 miles .. the engine started to sputter and die out ... it took all it had to get to 40 mph and it was a rocky ride... a while after (25 miles and a stop for dinner and gas it didnt need) I found a new toggle swith at an odd place in the dash .. someone put in an electric fuel pump and put it on a switch and forgot to inform me.. but the home ran great after I figured that out.

#5 .. Stopping for fuel we didnt need. The good news was, it only cost $1.50 for fuel, bad new was I got back to the motorhome, started to pull away to notice the tent trailer rocking and being irratic... wouldnt you know it, brand new tire was flat (went flat at station somehow). I went back into the station, grabbed the only can of fix-a-flat for $6 and preceeded to stand in line for 20 minutes trying to pay for my can of junk while the customers remenissed with the cashier, played the lottery, drug the cashier away from the register to show someone where a product was at.. my temper fired and I threw the money at the cashier (I was 3rd in line in the 1st place and it was already 20 mins) and told her what the price was while the customer in front of me was getting their 3rd set of scratch off's... THe fix-a-flat didnt work, I made it to a tire place down the road to buy a new tire and have it installed because the 4 way lug wrench wouldnt work to change the tire on the pop-up.. tires a recessed too far.

#6 .. We're home .. yeah .. nothing can go wrong ... errr .. except backing in the motorhome and pop-up with a spotter and running over the tongue of my boat trailer .. add a $20 coupler to the list and the trip was done.

All this time I was being followed by my fiance and our 2 year old in the truck.. needless to say he was bored with riding(and the fiance alike).

In the end, it was the longest 90 miles I've had in a long time, and an expensive one at that..

I could really use a drink.

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Fisher Dave, Look out for black cats, ladders, mirrors,etc. With out bad luck it looks like you wouldn't have any luck at all. The only way you can look at this is the sun comes up in the east every day and the only way to go is up. Good luck and things will only get better for you. Scheuney

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I feel for you Dave. I'm hoping all my bad luck is used up for awhile. Or maybe it's like Fishhead said, after a run of 3 bad things a person is just too paranoid to over look any possible thing that can go wrong. Hopefully you too are finished with the badluck for some time.

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