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pop-up camper


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I recently bought a 1977 Starcraft Pop-up. The "raising mechanism" does not work (I knew this when I bought it). I need to manually lift the ceiling and put bolts in the posts to hold the whole ceiling up. Does anyone have any pointers on any easier way, the crank is still mounted on front of trailer? Or is the original pulley system not that hard to fix?? Other than that the rest of it is in great shape for 26 years old and the price was right.

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we had this problem a couple of times on our old camper. I think it is that cables that are bad in the pully system. If you call hilltop trailer sales in fridley they should be able to help you out more

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Better late than never I guess?

We have had that problem with ours. Where the problem usually comes in is at the end of the crank cable. The cable attatch's to an eye bolt on the drawing mechanism(dont know exact name). This eye bolt has a tendency to break in time .. thus making the crank useless. It can be a bit of the job replacing the eye bolt, and you need to be sure its a welded eye bolt you replace it with or it will open up un short order.

If you do replace the eye bolt, be sure the cables at all 4 corners are running properly on the pulleys to avoid immediate other problems.

Its a bit of a hassle to work wit the cable, but its well worth it when its done. Its much easier if you replace the cable sometimes. They didnt leave much room for error on the factory cable .. and a new cable is easier to work with, and lass prone to cut you up.

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