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Full Moon Rack


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WallEYES !!! That first picture is a prizewinner !!!! Very cool beerchug.gifbeerchug.gif
Even though it's from another photographer..
Nice size deer you got, too!!!

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That buck is from Indepence,Iowa. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was stolen from the guys house after he got back from the taxidermist. Also, I think it was a state record Non-typical Archery for Iowa. It was not from Flag Island,MN I know that much.

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Nice pictures WalleyeWeasel. As the rut is in high gear now, pictures such as these can get the heart pumping and make us all want to hit our stands. Here are some pics of deer I have harvested the past few years. Good Luck To All This Year!!!





The first is one of my 02 deer, the second is one of my 03 deer, and the third is one from this year. The mounts contain the deer from the 02 deer, a 8 point from 02 and a 10 point from 03. If you look at the far upper right corner of the mount pictures, there is a skull mount of a smaller 10 point where it's right side was deformed. The main beam went along the deer's head to the other antler base and curved up and the brow tine stuck straight into the air. My only non-typical to date.

Again, good luck to all. I know MN gun opener is soon.

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