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im trying to figure out the picture thing, what i want to know is when i go to the first page on shutterfly it says sign up now and get first 15 prints free, i am asumming this is to get my pictures printed on film and mailed to me. So if i just use it to put up my pictures and put them on FM then it will be free?

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Shutterfly is totally free. I myself was kinda wondering about it until I tried it for myself.

first I scan all the pictures I want to post and save them on my computer in a place I can easily find them (ex. my computer). Then set up your account from shutterfly.com.

It is actually quite simple to use. Just set up a new account and it will tell you step by step how to make an album of all your pictures. It will ask where you want to get the pictures from. Then go to where you saved them and bring them up. It sounds harder than it is. Like I said it will tell you step by step how to do it.

Then the tricky part, I had problems with this the first time I posted a pic. Go the the forum you want to post in. Type what you want then the address of the pic and then again with the backslash. The problem I was having was, where do I find the address for the pic. I found if you double cLick on the small pic from the album it will make it larger. Then right click on the pic, and go to properties. This will bring up a window. Find the address in this window and highlight it and copy. Go back to the forum and paste the address in between the img's that you made. BINGO it should work! It sounds like a lot, but read through it slow, step by step. Good Luck!



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