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Braggin' Board Photos!

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This thread was closed and I think we must bring it back. I think all of us love to see pics of all the fish we are catching. CPR and post on here, thats the way to go! Good luck on the lakes everyone.

Lake Sarah Crappie:

Fish Lake Bass(in Mora, MN)
Moved to Photo Sharing forum smile.gif

"Better get the net!"
-Fishin Chad

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Alright looks like I need to get this thing rolling....Here's my biggest largemouth bass to date at 22" and 7+ Lbs. Caught her on August 25th, 2004 with a musky lure on a metro lake. CPR'd of course.

Rick or anyone out there....do any of you guys know how they pick fish pics for the home page of fishingminnesota.com? Just courious?




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BUCKTAIL,Those wouldn't happen to be from the crosslake area would they ?It looks like a place I've been b/4 just curious.If I remember right,there is a river that flows through it and it eventually hooks up to the whitefish chain I think.


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I actually cought that smallmouth on a lake around my cabin in iron county wisconson. I think that one was 19 inches but I do not know the weight. That picture was also a few years old. I will try to post some more recent, bigger smallies.

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I caught those fish while at my friends cabin(he is in the pics above me). Im not supposed to say the name of the lake but I think it was in the crosslake area. I dont think it is the lake that you are thinking of though because it isnt connected to the whitefish chain.


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this lake is about 30 min from the chain, can't give the name though.

It was just and awesome day, everyone of those bass were caught in a span of about 4 hours, except one was caught over the 4th of july which was a few weeks earlier.

thanks for the nice comments on the fish guys!

b. downey

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I thought you had it. When you go into your shutterfly account, go to the picture you want and click it so it gets bigger. Then right click the enlarged picture and a box will pop up. Copy the address from this box and paste it in your post. Put your address and it should work.


Not sure why it isn't working? I think a lot of people use Shutterfly on this site.

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Here's a pike:
A Bass I got prefishing the Le Homme A Dieu chain for L.E.T.S

ProStaff Director

[email protected]
Drake Motel
Otter Outdoors
JR's Tackle
Lakemaster Lake Maps

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