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Hunting/dead fish Picture Rules

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Hunting Picture Guidelines

• Take photo in field before field dressing.

• Take photo closeup.

• Have weapon in photo (bow or gun) - not required.

• Wear hunting clothes.

• Do not sit on deer for photo.

• Clean up visible blood and make sure deer’s tongue doesn’t show.

• No sunglasses, beer cans or cigarettes.

Please click the Register link and read the policy before posting.

Thank you very much for your understanding and help in promoting pictures taken with good taste.

Dead Fish Pics Rule

We do respect legitimate harvest of fish and do so ourselves. We are very high on selective harvest for wise stewardship of our lakes, rivers and streams.

The responsible thing to do on a heavily traveled site like this is to heavily promote Catch, Photo and Release and especially selective harvest which has a CPR theme running through it, with photos in these forums.

Besides encouraging Selective Harvest we also encourage cameras in the boat for better looking photos to be taken. This provides one less reason to keep a fish, the photo proves you caught it and it sure looks a LOT better here and in your photo album.

We're looking for fish pictures in good taste that encourage selective harvest principles so the dead fish rule is as follows: Fish pictures must be in the natural environment where the fish is caught that do not look frozen, stiff, bloodied or look like they were just poured out of a bucket and no stringer or fish in a bucket pics. Fish Mount and live release tournament pictures are ok as well. All other dead fish pictures are not allowed.

Please click the Register link and read the policy before posting.

Thank you very much for your understanding and help in promoting selective harvest and better photos.

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Sorry I missed your family over to see the pups tonite Ray. ... Don't understand the weapons requirement? No gun = no good? Some of my best pics with my dogs have the guns no where in sight. What was that.. 2 years ago in SD, the guy from the Cities got shot by his pooch while taking photos.

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They're beautiful pups. Can't wait to add one to the family.

I don't think Rick (and, I hate to speak for him) is requiring you display a weapon. I just don't think he wants people to be shy about adding them to the picture. We're hunters, we kill things with a gun or a bow. Like I said, display them safely. An open receiver might not be a bad idea. Obviously, unload the thing before the picture.

Ray Esboldt

Catch-N Tackle
Stone Legacy

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