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Flasher battery dead?


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I've been using the Digger Rack on my ATVs and sleds for some time now.  IMO they are the quickest and easiest way to go.   When I pull up to a spot the 1st thing I want to get at is the auger. 2nd is the depth finder.  I may start fishing or there or I might move but for sure I don't want to unload and dig for those in my tub.    Really though where the Digger proves its worth is with my sharpening business.  The Nils is unique to other auger blades in that the head is adjustable.  That means every blade is taken out to be tested and adjusted on the ice.  I may have 20 heads to test and adjust on any given day.  Racking the auger and clamped in takes a matter of a few seconds.   This makes for a perfect platform to change heads. 
    • Leech mentioned I might use the gun rack style, and I do.  There was a time I put the auger in my flip over tub but quit doing that for a few reasons learned on longer runs:   With gas I had a leak once.  You don’t ever want to repeat that, especially under a travel cover.  Thankfully mine was on top.  But on top you need to have a head cover and strap it down.  More time and hassle.   Its a lot of extra banging dealt to the auger or depth finder and even tackle.  The tub takes more of a beating than you might realize.   In the rack, on the snowmobile (and mounted high) you keep the auger more stable and out of the snow dust and slush you might deal with.  I always ran with the depth finder in the basket, the auger in the gun rack and a wore a fishing backpack with my tackle boxes and anything else I wanted quick access to like food, extra gloves, headlamp, camera, etc.     Its so much quicker and easier to run and gun that way, plus on warmer days or if the lake had bad conditions like deep snow or slush, I’d leave the tub behind completely so I didn’t have to worry about getting stuck as much.  Grab a rod box and go.  Completely self contained on the sled.
    • Ding,ding,ding Winner! 👍👍   "I have to unload everything to drill a hole.  With the rack, I find myself willing to move more."
    • Sorry to hear @smalliehunter it’s always hard to lose a good bird dog.   hopefully another bearded lady is in your future soon...the dog kind  
    • I always put my auger on the bottom of the sled so I don't tear the canvas or crush something (heavy old auger). I have to unload everything to drill a hole.  With the rack, I find myself willing to move more. Four bolts and off comes the rack, if I want to go sledding. Plus, when it nice out, I don't need the sled/house and can "run and gun" as they say.  Like I do much of that- just sounds good 😊
    • that can really hurt too....  sorry for ya...
    • kinda on the same page with Dave...a sled or trailer!!!!!
    • We lost another good one.  My best friend kaya left us today.  Hunted with her for 11 years she left us today at 13 years old.    
    • Well, maybe that's why I don't get it. I don't see a reason to bring more than the sled can carry. I usually have an auger, a heater, vexilar, a bag with 6 poles and tackle, bait bucket, bucket for fish, a case of Busch Light, a few other misc. odds and ends, and that's about it.   Actually, I just put the auger on top of everything anyway. If I had to carry something on my wheeler it would probably be my FL-20 to protect it.
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