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Sorry in advance for such a long post.

I live on the backside of a senior apartment on theedge of city limits in Alexandria, Mn. 

There are numerous scattered, fairly large areas of woods throughout the edges of town.

I see occasional deer here; most often just trotting by; across 20 yards of admittedly nice, well cared for lawn just outside an area of woods outside my living room bay window. Maybe 1 or 2/month throughout the year.

I am in a walker from a stroke 10 years ago so don’t get out in the woods anymore. I hunted all my life and miss being in the outdoor experience so enjoy seeing the deer.

I bought a salt lick some months age but was told by the apt mgmt that it would be illegal. Huh?

I called Glenwood DNR who told me to call the local conservation officer (game warden). He said B.S.

So I talked to mgmt again and they said that a salt lick would cause unacceptably high amounts of deer [PoorWordUsage] around that the lawn care crew wouldn’t like.

They have a couple of aerated ponds on the front side of the complex and a lady feeds them a coffee can full of cracked corn every day. When she goes out, the mallards and geese com flying in to her from everywhere. No wonder they have so much goose shxx.

Ergo the conceived problem for me...

Putting out a salt lick would cause excess deer [PoorWordUsage] that the lawn guys wouldn’t like.

So, finally my question to you all-

How much deer traffic would a salt lick cause?



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I doubt a salt block is going to draw more deer to the area.  You'll still have the same number of deer they just may stay a little longer at that one spot. 


If you toss out a salt block is there any place you can put it maybe back in the woods a yard or 2 that will still give you a view of the deer?  If you need to be more covert maybe one of those mineral rocks would work.  They look enough like a rock that most people probably wouldn't stop to pay that much attention to it if put in an inconspicuous spot.


Honestly the biggest mistake you made was asking for permission.  I'd have just gone and put it out.  Odds are they'd have never noticed and if they did they wouldn't know who did it.

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Geez, I feel for ya @fisninfool!  Sounds like a nice place where you’re staying.  Management can get a little funny about things like that for either good or not so good reasons.  

I’d think they’d be more concerned about the salt burning out some of the manicured lawn and maybe the deer making a mud ring around it, not just the droppings.  Those lawn guys can run over [PoorWordUsage] in a heartbeat but mowing and trimming is a time sensitive thing they probably didn’t want to explain because it sounds petty.  Grounds guys hate mowing around things and like to see they’re work look like a green carpet.


If you could get someone to toss that lick back in the trees a bit like @nofishfisherman said I bet it would stay there for a long while.


Good luck bud - hope you see some!

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I talked (to mgmt) about putting it a few feet back in the woods. 

After the strong refusal I got from them, I would be concerned with their reaction if and when they found me me.

they have shown to be kind of anal about things.


Oh well, life IS good!


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If I lived closer I'd bring a mineral rock over and throw it in the woods for you.  That way you'd have deniability.  They're even on sale at Fleet Farm Trophy Rock


I can see where the big white salt blocks will attract attention buy the mineral rocks could go unnoticed.  Even a bag of mineral might work.  It dissolves into the soil after awhile but the deer still will be attracted to it. 


Another idea is go hang a bird feeder just inside the woods.  If they ask tell them you didn't think they'd mind watching birds since they won't hurt the lawn.  If your neighborhood is anything like mine you'll have more deer at the feeder than you do birds.  You'll just need to go top it off pretty often.



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