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reading elsewhere i see where are illustrious lawmakers passed a law limiting or putting the clamps down on guys that do venison butchering out of there garage or shop for a fee for a week or 2 out of the year. they want to charge a fee and be able to inspect them.


they did say it was an unintended consequence or oversite. yea right.

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Starting Aug. 1, the state began requiring them to obtain licenses through the Department of Agriculture’s meat program. A license costs less than $100 a year, but other requirements could be more costly, such as hot and cold running water, a sink for hand washing, nonporous walls, floors and ceilings, and a commercial cooler.


This year, meat inspectors are working to educate the garage guys about the new law, Muhl said. Next year, they’ll begin enforcing it.



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35 minutes ago, snagfinder said:

Does that include just skinning and deboning or only if your turning it into sausage and stuff.



Haven't read the new law but I got to imagine if someone is doing any sort of butchering for a fee the law will apply.  Skinning and deboning is still handling meat so I can't imagine how that would be allowed without a permit but making sausage with that meat once its deboned isn't. 


I guess I can understand how they may want to ensure safe food handling whether done by a full time commercial butcher or a seasonal one man butcher shop but seems a bit rigid if they are going to require all garage butcher shops to have their garage decked out into a commercial grade environment.

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56 minutes ago, Wanderer said:

Where’s the data supporting this decision?  Is there infection problem we haven’t heard about that’s been traced back to home shops?  I’m sure there isn’t, just saying.


Buyer beware as far as I’m concerned. 

They don't need data!!🤗 Just a way to collect more feed.😂


I personally believe it is B.S.

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