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Our 3 year old chocolate lab got ahold of a bottle of ibuprofen. She had chewed the top off and was running around with it in her mouth. The bottle still had quite a few capsules in it. I looked in her mouth and could see a couple of decinigrated capsules back on her tongue. She typically is not one to swallow things but likes to hold things in her mouth. We were able to get her to vomit and could not see any sign of the pills. She was acting normal  high energy   etc. So we were hoping she had not ingested any. The regular vets were closed.  About an hour later she thru up again and it was very dark. We called the 24 hour emergency animal hospital in Oakdale and they said to get her in. 

The place was crazy busy but they took her right in.

She ended up 3 days in the dog "icu" pushing fluids thru her to flush her out.

She has had a couple of follow up  blood tests which have been normal.

They do not think she swallowed much.

Maybe just some of what she was holding in her.mouth.

The vet does not think there will be any long term effects. A smaller dog would probably be dead 

I have learned a lot about how lethal ibuprofen can be to dogs and how it can affect their organs.

Amazing how many things we humans can safely ingest that are lethal to dogs.

It looks like we dodged a bullet. 

The vet did comment how labs are kind of a cash cow for them. 


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About a month ago our yellow lab helped her self to a bag of candy bars. Vet said to get her to through up two to three times. She only does that kind dump when she is home alone. So she heads to her kennel when we leave now. Boy what things we go through for our dogs.

Glad things worked out for you and your lab.

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scary stuff glad all is well


reminds me of the time one of my GSP's ate an entire bag of hershey kisses including the wrappers. Called the vet in a frantic and he asked if dog was acting hyper or high strung. I just laughed because its a GSP and they are always that  hyper and high strung lol. Did some hydrogen peroxide to get him to throw up as much as we could get out and then dealt with foil laced poo for a couple days lol


Dogs we dont deserve them :)

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Thankfully has my dog has aged he's gotten a bit more picky about what things he steals, it used to be anything he could reach.  We've had to use the hydrogen peroxide trick more than a few times.  It got to the point that he knew he f'ed up when he saw us bring the bottle out.  The last time we used it we had brought him to my MIL's place and she left an entire chocolate layer cake on the edge of the counter to cool.  The dog ate nearly the entire thing.  No ill effects after having him throw up several times. 


He's had other notable encounters while eating hibiscus flowers off of a plant.  The flowers also had several bees on them that stung him several times inside and outside his mouth.  That one required a trip to the emergency vet due to the amount of swelling and the fact we could even get him on his feet. 


One thing my wife and I did when we first got our dog was to take a class put on by a local training group.  The brought in a vet to hold a 2 hour class on basic dog health care.  A small portion was on just basic things you need to do for the dog like proper teeth brushing, vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, etc. Then about 3/4 of it was related to common toxic items and what to do after exposure and then basic first aid in the field or if you can't get to a vet right away.  It was a good class that most dog owners could benefit from.  There is a lot we can go for our dogs fairly easily with just a little bit of knowledge.

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Scary stuff for sure guys, I learned quick on how much our springer of the past could handle of baby aspirin.  After a long day of chasing roosters ( at age 10 with arthritis) decided to give her an "extra" and holy moly did she vomit blood. Its 10 o'clock at night so let's just see how she does I told the wife, she did good the rest of the night but Monday the vet said that's how they gauge on what dogs can handle as far as aspirin goes.  One more thing a fella i used to hunt with tossed chocolate covered donuts to his dog alot, he said no big deal, its the good chocolate..

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From what I understand on chocolate is that the fear is a bit over blown.  Yes its toxic to dogs but it would take a huge amount to do any serious harm to most dogs, we're potentially talking pounds of it needing to be ingested.  The quality of chocolate is also an important factor.  A dark baking chocolate or some sort of really dark fancy chocolate would need much less than say a Hershey chocolate bar which is mostly just sugar and milk with very low quantities of real cocoa.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • My rainbow trout turned out pretty good. My smoke time was just under 3 hours. I ended up finishing it off in the oven. The fish had a nice smoke taste to it. I used apple chunks. I want to use alder next time.
    • I would think most smokers would have a hard time not getting too warm for cold smoking. But you could get a pellet tube and put it in your smoker and see where your at temp wise and just leave your smoker off and just get the heat from the pellet tube.
    • Big Chief electric smoker, top self of smoker (a little lower temp on top shelves). I don't have a temperature gauge in there yet. After doing some reading online, I think my temp is closer to 160.
    • What kind of smoker are you using?
    • Want to sell your 1890?  I'm looking for that exact boat.
    • Are there any good books, websites or forums for cold smoking? Any basic tips or info? I am trying cold smoking a chunk of rainbow trout today (around 140 degrees), Thanks minky
    • Trying new paint techniques on my new hens. Laying in the base colors on feather groups. The primaries are gonna get redone..
    • Sorry to hear about your adversity Scoot. You certainly do have your priorities right. Ryan will learn some great life lessons from these situations. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our best laid plans. I learned this personally the last 2 years. Had all kinds of plans. Then diagnosed with 2 cancers. Had to cancel a long planned first western hunt. Montana archery elk. Made it a goal to do that trip the next year which was last year. I fought and worked like hell to make that happen and it did. The goal was to get up on a Montana mountain top and hear a bull elk bugle.  Happened the first morning. Very emotional time. Didn't have to kill anything to fulfill a dream. All is well now and looking forward to a healthy fall. Hopefully you and Ryan will be back in the field shortly and be able to look back with an extra sense of appreciation and strength. As you know, cancer sucks.  Wishing your father healing and blessings for you all. 
    • Best of luck to your Dad and your family!
    • My season hasn't started like I had hoped.  No bears have touched our baits, so that was a bust.  But... I was super jacked about getting my on on his first elk hunt this Sep.  However, my dad has cancer and ended up in the hospital for the last six weeks.  I didn't feel like I could leave, so I put the trip on hold for a year.  I am really bummed to not be able to take Ryan to MT for his first elk hunt, but this deal trumps that, so we stayed home.  Ryan is pretty darn mature for a 15 year old boy and has handled it really well.  All of my time is being spent in my office, my dad's hospital room, and a little bit at home.  Not sure I'll be seeing the woods, field, or water much this Fall.  But I've got my priorities straight on this one and I'm blessed to be able to be here to help him through this deal.     I hope everyone else's Fall has started off with bang!  Good luck to all!!!
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