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PSA - Book Your Ice Houses Early!


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Just a friendly note to book your ice houses early this year. Spent the past week researching sleepers for my annual ice fishing trip with the buddies in January. Found quite a few places on the popular lakes (Red, LOTW, etc.) already booked up.  Not sure if they always book up this early, or if this year is special because everyone has been so cooped up, but I wouldn't wait much longer if you want to book a weekend this winter.

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Yeah I am afraid with the pandemic and lots of new people resorting to outdoor activities. Are we going to see that transition to hard water also? I think its great to see people enjoying the outdoors. I just hope it doesn't turn into a zoo at every lake like it has this summer on the lakes and rivers that I have been fishing. The thundering herds could be interesting this year.

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19 hours ago, Getanet said:

How is the ice fishing in SD?  I found a few places with sleepers on Bitter and Big Stone that looked interesting, but we decided we're heading to LOTW this year.

Depending on the experience that you want, there are a lot of opportunities in the Waubay/Bitter region. There are a handful of businesses w/ sleeper houses but like anywhere else - you may or may not be on fish. Using guides and fishing out of a SnoBear is starting to get to be the new trend and seems to lead to more daytime activity. Big stone will give you an active day bite for perch and bluegills, but the sizes have seemed to take a bit of the dive over the years (but there are lots of upcoming year classes on the way). Waubay and Bitter give you a little better chance and catching multiple species.

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1 hour ago, Getanet said:

I did a snobear trip once with WalleyeDan up by BreezyPoint. 



Is Dan still guiding? I hope with his medical stuff recently his phone is ringing off the hook if he is still able to take clients out.

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It was about 3 years ago that I went out with him, but I've seen his medical updates on Facebook. Yes, it looks like he is able to do some guiding - he's using a Benton Pontoon now - assuming it's to help with his medical stuff. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I'm going more Husky cuz the tail isn't curled up like a Mute. 😄    
    • Moderators pick  the winners of the monthly contests. Yearly contest is up to  the members. There's a half dozen I really like, just honored to be included in that mix,   Did you find the owner of that Malamute??  *chuckle*
    • No kidding! I looked at all of them,  yours is definitely in the top 3!  Had my wife look at them too and she picked yours and 2 others as her favorites. I think your odds are pretty good! 
    • Trail cam photo from Isanti today.
    • IMO Crab Creek Sunrise is your biggest threat, otherwise I think you got this!   Guess it depends on their criteria.   Very nice and good luck!
    • Wish Me Luck   Won last January up against 50 other pics with the monthly theme of "Campfires". Now it's up against some serious competition. 
    • Salad, fish and chips with a glass of white wine!        
    • One of the few years I hunted MN, I got set up on my opening day as a thunderstorm was coming.  Still dark and the birds were gobbling at every crack of thunder.  Pretty cool.  Then the torrential downpour started right about the same time it was light enough to see anything.  Then it proceeded to rain basically nonstop until my season was over.  And that was that.   I would be fine if the overall season was shortened but it was a free for all for those few weeks.   Ha!  Lake of the Ozarks is the Ozarks for StL and KC people.  I will be down where people need subtitles and you can throw a rock and hit Arkansas.
    • It’s their way of NOT letting go of their past control over dispersing the pressure.  I really don’t mind it that much.  It helps keep me focused on hunting at least a little bit instead of just keeping the shotgun by the back door for 6 weeks, ready for a yard bird.   The Ozarks hunting birds or Byrds?  Does the name Omar Navarro mean anything to ya?! 😉
    • So lame.   I'll be in the Ozarks with the 12 gauge and bow hunt MN.
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