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House Build (aluminum sheet joints and roof question)

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Hi all.  Been searching and cant seem to find a good explanation on a couple items.  Planning to build an all aluminum skid house.  Have design pretty well vetted minus the sheet joints for exterior walls and how folks are doing the one piece metal roofs (are these aluminum or galvanized?).  


For exterior vertical aluminum sheet joints, how are people sealing them?  The joint will be on a vertical aluminum tube.  


For the one piece roof, i cant seem to find vendors for this.  Is it off a roll?  How is it applied? VHB on horizontals? 



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@Lip_Ripper Guy Would be able to answer your questions most proficiently, but I haven't seen him around much. He did a great job documenting his builds and you may be able to get some of your answers from his pictures. I ended up putting on a rubber roof on mine, but I think that most are using one piece galvanized. Regarding the joints, VHB is what is being used. A lot of the builds w/ metal studs are also using the VHB in place of screws.  Just my two cents..

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