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Tundra new radiator install issue

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Rainy day project today, was to replace the radiator in my 2008 Tundra with the 5.7 with 130k miles. Everything went well and didn't take too long. I used the OEM replacement right from the stealership. Got everything back together and started to slowly add coolant. It takes roughly 10-11 liters or just under 3 gallons. I was only able to add about 1.5 gallons before it got full.

So I started truck up, squeezed top hose for bubbles and got some out but level never dropped. Let it run for 15 mins with heat on. I saw temp gauge on dash climb up to just below midway. Top hose felt warm to touch as I squeezed it but level never dropped enough to add anymore coolant.

So my question is does anyone know if OEM radiators come with an plastic plugs or anything that should be removed prior to install? I didn't even look, I just installed and hooked up each hose. I am wonder if there could me some sort of plastic plugs in the inlet or outlet that I should have removed first prior to install?

The lower hose of my radiator that goes from the bottom of the radiator up to the thermostat never got warm after running for that long. Its either plugged radiator or bad thermostat? Would just be really big coincidence to have thermostat go bad when I wasn't having any issues with it prior. And water pump was replaced at the dealer at 85k or so due to a leak so I don't suspect that is an issue either.

I have since let motor cool and saw some drop in the funnel but nothing significant. Any ideas what to do next?



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ok after letting everything cool down for a couple hours it has now completely drained from the funnel enough for me to get the radiator cap back on. Going to let it sit over night and see if anything drips or leaks just to make sure I got the hoses and clamps back on good. Once I know I am good there I will take it for a drive tomorrow and get it under load and try to some burp more air out of it if I can. really hoping its just a big air bubble in there and I can get the appropriate amount of coolant added.

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You didn't let it run long enough. At some point you should have felt the radiator get warm and the Fan clutch start engaging the fan a lot more. You want it to run with the thermostat open and occasionally raise the RPM to help push out any air in the system. Sounds like you where using a spill free funnel, Perfect! I just replaced mine last spring and I used a little more than 2.5 gallons after it was all burped. If the thermostat was stuck shut the temp would just keep climbing.   If the thermostat was stuck open you would not have had any interior heat.

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well I think I may have just been over thinking this all but hey with an aluminum motor you can never be too cautious especially when it comes to over heating lol.  Everything was fine today, I let it warm up for 15 mins and no issues, and let it go for 15 more and monitored while squeezing the hose and giving a few revs here and there. Then went for a short drive down the highway and all was well. Temp stayed the same, never got hot. And after letting it cool down it purged some more fluid back into the radiator from the over flow. So I may check it periodically to see if it needs a top-off.


Even after running for 45 mins the bottom hose never got warm but maybe that's just because the radiator is doing its job?  The coolant coming out from the bottom back to the block had cooled off that much it doesnt feel warm any more?


@Jeremy airjer W did you drain the the heater core and engine block drains when you did yours? I opted to not do those as I didn't want to mess up that 10mm brass bolt up under the heat shield. How much coolant do you think gets left in the engine if you don't drain those 2?  Also did you remove the fan? I opted to keep on the fan in place but removed the rear shroud from the radiator and tucked it up back over the fan. That left just enough room with some wiggling to get the radiator out and carefully drop the new one back in. 


Pretty easy job to do for the most part as long as you dont over think it lol. Thanks for your help!



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I have no idea what the total system capacity is. I did the same thing with the fan shroud. The hardest part was moving the transmission cooler to access the lower radiator bolt on the passenger side.

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    • Yes - absolutely thank you to Borch for running this again!   And thanks to everyone who entered!  Having the contest and getting some encouragement helped me get more back in tune to the spring turkey season than I have been lately.  And learn the lesson (again) to not under estimate what’s available and what can happen for anyone.
    • Yes- a cheap go pro knock off. 
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