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Happy New Year from all of us here at Sunset Lodge! You can now follow the signs on the ice road right to our front door. Drive the center of the road as ice is thinner on the edges.
We continue to fish shallower (16-20’) houses early and late in the day with good success. Shacks at the bottom of the break are producing a more consistent bite through out the day. It has been a great two weeks for big fish with many Walleyes over 26”, a couple of 29” and a massive 31”. Rippin Raps and Buckshot are being used to attract active fish to the houses. Gold is a staple up here on a sunny day, glow red, pink or white work better for an overcast day.
Strong currents and mild weather make it important to stay to marked trails. The forecast looks good for ice making 😊

Sunset Lodge













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    • They are good. Greg had 2 kinds and one of them had sage. The new owners rarely make the sage links but those were my favorite.     Yes, do we know you?     👍
    • and then finished them on the grill???  interesting!!  for the taters!!
    • I found this picture and it had the recipe. Brad Woods They sure look good.   Ingredients 1 lb - 85/15 Ground chuck ¼ lb - Breakfast sausage meat ⅓ cup - Bread crumbs ½ cup - Parmesan, grated ½ cup - Cheddar, shredded ½ cup - Onions, finely chopped ⅓ cup - Jalapeño peppers, finely chopped 2 tbsp - Milk 2 Eggs ¼ cup - Worcestershire ¼ cup - Your favorite rub/seasoning ½ cup - Barbecue sauce 18 to 20 cubes of extra sharp cheddar cheese, ¼" thick Preparation Preheat your smoker to 225°F;   Place the ground chuck,ground sausage,egg, parmesan,onion,grated cheddar, bread crumbs,barbecue sauce,Worcestershire and milk into a large mixing bowl.Combine everything thoroughly;   Use your hands to form meatballs that are about 1.5 inch in diameter; Press the 1/4 inch cubes of cheese into the center of each meatball; Use your hands to form the meatball again covering the cheese completely;   Smoke the meatballs with your favorite wood until 160° internal temperature; Baste with sauce during the last 30 minutes if you like; Total smoking time should take around 1 hour.
    • I sliced the potatoes, put them in a bowl and microwaved for 8 minutes. A fork can go through but not real easy, al dente. I whipped up some Louisiana hot sauce mixed with sour cream to go with the potatoes. 
    • links, and I loved them!!  question, does your wife's name start with the letter S???  and as for Greg and I we got along as long as he followed the rules...  
    • Still do. Are you talking about the rope or links?
    • That was 2 owners ago. Greg was a good guy but he might have been hard for an inspector to deal with. He had a cabin up near Battle Lake that he used to let me use it when he was not using it. Now he built a house on the property and lives up there.   The main person who owns it now used to be a co-worker of mine back in my grocery store days. I've been friends with him for probably over 25 years. That plant is now state inspected instead of federal.     I've been to that one a couple of times. They have some good stuff too.
    • Or take the necessary precautions to protect yourself without requiring the government do it for you.
    • that has already been discussed Del......   
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