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Amount Of Ice Holes

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Im converting a 8x16 camper into a drop down Wheel House.   This weekend we finished up the drop down axles and its sitting on the ground.   How many holes do you have in your 8x16.   I was thinking more is better as it allows to move around a little and change things up.  Just getting others thoughts.




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Are you starting with an open floor plan? How man beds, etc. do you plan on having? One thing that has always drove me nuts about some of the ice castles is the placement of their holes. It seems like you are always having to step over holes in order to move around the house and the holes are never close enough to be able to watch your dead stick as you jig. In deep water, having the holes farther apart makes more sense, but I usually fish in 20 FOW or less. I would say that 10 holes is the most that I would put into a 8x16 with an open floor plan. If you are going to have a lot of counter tops , cabinets, sofas, etc. - then you are probably looking at closer to 6-8 holes. Just my two cents

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I have 7 in my 6.5 x 14 plus V.... but no bathroom and everything is pretty open. As I mentioned before... I like to have my holes close. Usually two people fish each pair of holes on the right, then we use rattle reels behind us in the corners with a camera in the middle hole. It can fish 3 people comfortably, but two is optimal. How many people are you planning on fishing?



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Its open layout now, but planning on having bunks in back, entertainment center, stove, furnace, electrical panel etc. all up front.   I was thinking 10 holes just for options but only plan on fishing 3-4 guys max.  

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I've got an 8x16 Ice castle Daredevil. I've got 9 holes in it. I've fished all of them at once, but usually don't. 


2 along the folding couch

2 by the left side counter

3 by the right side counter

2 in back bay seat area under the removable table


fishes 3 comfy.....4 fits but gets tight. 


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