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Week--26 Indy

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mnwildman with 334 pts. gets 5th win

2--BlacklundProV          284

3--Fishing_Novice         266

4--gregg52                     251

5--icefishinnut               174

6--Juneau4                     115


Season totals

1--Juneau4                    7346

2--Fishing_Novice         7287

3--gregg52                     7182

4--BlackLundProV        7151

5--mnwildman               6979

6--icefishinnut               6918


Play off now begins, first stop Los Vegas. Burn  outs on the Strip Thursday evening. 🍸🏁

Congratulation to Fishing_Novice on winning the summer segment. 👍

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I watched pieces of the races on TV.  It sure looked like there were plenty of open seats.  Is that normal?

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NASCAR is suffering a slow death attendance wise and TV ratings for a variety of reasons. Rules to race are changing nearly on a weekly basis. Lot of chaos and uncertainty. 🙄  

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Who’s in the top 10 going into the playoffs/chase/whatever it’s called now?  Or is it top 12 or however many lucky dogs  still have a chance to win the Championship?  


Not to make fun of it; I just really don’t know anymore, sadly.  I might’ve caught some of Daytona in Feb but have drifted so far away from watching anymore.  


We do do still have all our Jr. and Smoke cars, jackets, hoods, yada yada.  In storage after our move.  Anyone wanna buy some swag?


Kind of a bummer.

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There's 16 going into playoffs -after 3 races reduced to 12-after the next 3 to 8-then to 4 and they race against each other at Homestead for the playoff champion ship.

Kyle Bush won the regular season championship based on points after week 26.

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