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I couldn't decide on a perfect fit for this subject, so this will have to be good enough. I recently ordered a powerful double sided magnet for retrieving metal objects from the bottom of the lake/river. I have talked to a few people over the years that 'fish' this way. I think it would work on some spots extremely well. Unfortunately a lot of things that I would like to 'catch' aren't magnetic. My GF once lost my St. Croix Mojo Musky rod with a Shimano 400B on it. I don't think that the magnet would retrieve this combo, the Musky Mayhem Supermodel attached to it could possibly be pulled to the surface though. Has anyone tried this style of 'habitat improvement', 'treasure hunting', or 'steel(head) fishing'? If so, what have you caught? If not, what did you drop and where? Coordinates??

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I keep magnets on paracord with my spearing gear.  The magnets were salvaged from computers the IT department was scrapping.  They’re small and strong enough to pull a spear back up off the bottom.  They didn’t work on my buddy’s cell phone though!


Otherwise I don’t blind fish with em and thankfully haven’t had to use them much!


The last thing I fished out of the lake was my wife’s e cig with a rubber mesh landing net during memorial weekend.  I knew I had one chance and dug deep for it.  Brought up a bag full of mud and weeds but by god it was in there.  See dried it out and fired it back up. 1 motor smoker saved - for better or worse! 😀

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I have had two good size magnets with cord on them sitting in the garage ready to go for over a year. Just have not had a chance to get out and give them a throw somewhere. Lot of kool vids on the tube to watch.

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I'll have to watch a video or two to get my brain in the magnet mode, once I get my magnet in the mail. I was already told about a high end spear in a nearby shallow lake and a shotgun in a deep local lake. There has also been historical newspaper articles about a couple meteorites that landed in a couple local lakes.. I probably won't find a dam thing worth my time but it would be nice to fish for something I can actually use instead of fish. But if I have an old jigging spoon, from the lake bottom, stuck to the magnet... Does that count as a fishing line??

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • bomba squirrel 🐿     
    • I did ask about dish soap and he said because there are  no toxicity studies that have been done with soap mixed with their product he can't legally comment on it. He did make it clear in his own way it wasn't needed. Haven't talked to the Crossbow people yet.
    • Interesting.  I was searching for instructions and got conflicting advice.   The no oil thing is good to know...I've got this creeping charlie issue in my lawn.   2,4-D and triminic doesn't seem to do much.    Gonna give this stuff a try.  What did they say about a little soap in the tank?
    • If it is garter snakes, pick them up with your hand and put in a bag.   Release them a mile or so away.  
    • One of my absolute fears, I'd sell the house!
    • Ask and ye shall receive. Now I have so many orioles, lots of young ones, I'm going thru almost a jar of jelly every 2 days! I wouldn't think they would be migrating thru going south yet would they? The catbirds like it too and I have about 1/2 dozen of those. They are pretty neat birds. I also have about a dozen of some kind of sparrow hang around that I can't identify. I can't take good enough pictures to post or I would. They are big birds and the closest I can come is a white crowned but they are not white on top of their heads, that's brown but have black and white stripes over the eyes like white crowned. Also their chests are mottled yellowish brown and darker brown. No yellow patch or white throat like a white throated. Broken white stripes on the wings and lower back. Bill is dark gray on top and light translucent whitish (not really pink?) and they actually look a lot like a female Grossbeak but I know they aren't. Seems one of the sexes are a little browner than white on the head stripes.   They are brown around the eyes but do have a thin white area below that to neck but the white does not go under the bill/throat. I'm searching websites but still can't find them.
    • Delcecchi, Just got off the phone with Brushtox customer service. For tank/spot treating lawn use 3/4 oz per gallon. No surfactants (Diesel will kill all grasses). Should not harm northern grass if directions are followed. Be sure of zero rain for 24 hours. (The mix for brush killing is 4-6 oz/gal and does require surfactant.) Weed will probably take a week to show results. BE Sure to wear long sleeves, long pants, rubber/latex gloves, shoes and socks, and eye protection, it's very irritating to eyes. Apply with coarse spray.  The guy had never heard of this Celandine Majus (Sp)?  Phone number is 800 264 5281 if needed and they are very helpful.  I haven't talked to the Crossbow people yet but plan to later today.  Southern Ag.(crossbow) phone is 941 722 3285 
    • Our annual ice fishing kickoff event is a little over a month away!  We just want to make sure everyone gets it on their calendars!   This year's date is Saturday, September 28.  Held at our building in Blaine, MN.   We'll have seminars from Ice Team and Ice Force Pros, along with vendors showcasing all of the new products for the upcoming ice fishing season!   Oh, and AWESOME deals on everything you need to have a successful season!   We'll post more details as we get closer, but for now please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 28 and we'll see you there!!   Thanks for all of the support!!
    • https://raganandmassey.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Brushtox_1gal.pdf   Looks like a couple quarts per 100 gallons, with some diesel mixed in.   That would be like maybe an ounce or a little less per gallon.   Sounds like heavy duty stuff.   
    • Warning about 80 is just for the day you spray right? It is getting cooler now so I should be ok. Del, I wonder if that Brushtox has mixing instructions for brush killing. That would be pretty strong and I have been warned about following the instructions exactly. Thank you. I will check into it today. 
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