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Have an older but like new and was used very little Lawn Boy push mower. Just been sitting around taking up space. Replaced rubber primer bulb added gas and started on second pull and still runs like new. Would work great for home or cabin. I think this should be a steal for $75!!!!



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I will take it where are you located ? Will be gone next week fishing be back week of 22nd. I am using a 80's model lawnboy push for trimming be nice to have a backup newer model.

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I had this exact model for many years and it even ran for several years after my wife ran straight gas in it and seized it up one day when I wasn't home. After it cooled down and I replaced the gas in the tank with mixed fuel, it started right up but always had a knock after that.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • SM is in the game now too. Good- it has a pilot point. Bad- it has Lazer blades. Probably won’t be good in a permanent house for reopening holes. I sure wish Eskimo would wake up and add a point. 
    • Perfect live in cambridge will get to you after you get back. Thanks
    • Just killing the smallies this morning. First three fish were 16, 14, and 14.  Two weekend ago caught 5 in an hour. Smallest was 12 inches. 
    • Won't work! I have an electric heater in my 6.5' x 12' "non sleeper" wheel house, 3" insulated top, sides & bottom, tyvek wrapped. Electric heater's are 1,500 watt (leech post above). It takes about 3 hours to raise the temp from 0, or below to 60 deg. I plug it in at home the night before to pre heat the inside for next day fishing. Also get cabin/motel on overnight trips, and remove WH each night, plug in heater overnight clean fish and keep warm for next day.  The top shelf 2000 watt Honda @ $1,100 has a STARTING watt of 2000 & RUNNING watt of 1,600 watt. If I recall, you used pink poly hard foam on roof & sides with no insulation on floor. Pink Poly 2" is 7.5R for walls & roof, 0 on floor. My R factor is 13.5 fully insulated. Your electric heater will run 100% of time using Max power from a 2000 watt generator and be lucky to get above 50 deg. Last summer I put a 19,000 BTU Suburban $318.00 new in my house. At -14 deg. it ran 22 min per hour. I get about 65 hrs of fish time on a 20# tank at below 0 temps. Suburban price now gone up a bit but you can do better if you shop around. Electric heater in yellow circle
    • LED lights and newer tv will use very little electricity but unless your house is foamed tight from roof to floor do not even think it. You will be very slow to get to temp and have a tough time keeping it there. Buy a used small VENTED propane heater and be safe and warm. Used ones have to be at rummage sales for 50-100 bucks. Then buy the thru the wall or suburban style when you can afford it. 
    • http://timberjay.com/stories/feeding-feisty-flickers,15226
    • Impractable - your on Mille Lacs, sky getting dark, you pick up an AIS signal on your app 14 miles SW of your location heading north in your direction at 72 MPH. Amazed by the boat speed you call your buddy Joe one of two in MN who also has the AIS system & find out he is on 169 in his F150 heading to Leach, just forgot to turn off his chart plotter after bragging about his new $900 AIS with his neighbor before leaving home, you know the guy that has to have every electronic available. All those dozen or so guys in there 14' Lunds cranked up there Scott Attwaters and are heading to shore at the frightening speed of 4 MPH trying to beat the on-coming storm and 4' waves. They really have no desire for those newfangled useless things.
    • WirelessBuy is best unlimited hotspot cheapest WiFi in USA. Unlimited hotspot, Hotspots unlimited No contracts No data limit prepaid hotspots unlimited & uninterrupted movies, music, data.
    • One more REPRESENT.  Too hot for the hoody. 😓   The winds got up on Erie too much to make a good run to better water but we still wanted to fish.  We hung around the breakwalls and got sheepies and smallies.  No matter what we caught was going to be C&R for me so a bunch of these were fine.   And a quick shot of the falls.  That water is moving incredibly fast!   Almost done with the loop.  I’m coming back on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes.  There are some really beautiful areas up here.   BTW, the section of NY State from the Allegheny Mountains to Buffalo made me feel at home.  Very similar to areas of MN.  I guess that’s why people like it so much! 
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